Terms of Service

Last updated: July 26, 2020

All prices are VAT inclusive and inclusive on each property having 1 reception room, 1 Bathroom, 1 En-suite bathroom, 1 Kitchen, Front and Rear Garden or Balcony, hallways, stairs and landings.
Landlord and tenant have seven days from the date the inventory is complete to notify the clerk of any changes they wish to make.

If you would like us to check in your tenant please book the inspection time one hour before the tenant is due to arrive – we do not charge extra for this service.
We carry out the following services in line with the government’s law which passed in March 2019.

Property MOT’s
Fitness for Human Habitation (FFHH) Assessment
Please call 01908 464276 or email us for more details.

Additional charges:

  • For same-day urgent appointments, please add £20.00 urgent appointment fee to the listed price
  • For 24-hour turnaround service, additional £15.00 added to the listed price
  • Sunday rates may vary, please add £30.00 to listed price
  • Postcode rates may vary
  • Additional rooms at each property will be charged at an additional rate of £10.00 per room if they do not fall under the inclusive rooms stated above.
  • Heavily furnished properties which have excessive furnishing, particularly in the kitchen may incur additional charges to a max £20.00
  • Please discuss the extent of furnishings in the notes section of the booking form for an accurate assessment and price or contact us directly
  • £25.00 per hour waiting time may be charged on delays in access to the property
    £10.00 admin fee is payable for each hard copy report, required to be sent by post

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